gretel-and-hanselIf you enjoy dark humor and experimental adventure games, you will certainly love today’s free flash game of the dayGretel & Hansel, a flash adventure loosely based on the Hansel and Gretel world. So go on and practice you slingshot skills then return to give this game a go!

The game tells a story of a troubled family who finds it rough to go through the recession: since food is scarce, the mother and father plan to take their two children (Gretel & Hansel) and throw them in the woods. Less people eating the same amount of food equals more food for the remaining ones, right?

And don’t get offended by what you’ve heard – it’s just a flash game that doesn’t try to be serious at all. Actually, Gretel & Hansel seems to try and do all the possible “wrong” things: you can unlock a specific Kain achievement (think “the Bible” for a hint about unlocking it), you can get sucked dry by a spider and many many more.

Except for the dark humor part, Gretel & Hansel is a solid adventure game with tricky puzzles that will keep you busy for quite a while. There are indeed some randomly hidden and impossible to see items (you need to collect 10 stones, and they’re all hidden) but eventually, if you try hard enough, you’ll succeed and have loads of fun.

Visually, the game delivers hand-painted and scanned images (aka tons of work to make it) and even the sound is decent and I managed to play the entire game without turning it off (which rarely happens with Flash games).

So, honestly, if you’re up for a challenge and a laugh at the same time, today’s free flash game of the day is the perfect choice for you. Give Gretel & Hansel a try by clicking this link. Have fun!