absenceYou can’t be too happy when your girl disappears in what you always considered to be a haunted house (even though some of might friends might have a different opinion). Either way, since it’s a flash game we’re talking here – a pretty spooky one, too – we have to blend in and play it as it’s supposed to. I’m talking about Absence, today’s free flash game of the day.

Created by selfdefiant, this is basically a point and click adventure game some might consider a room escape game, others “crap”. I consider it a great experience – it’s spooky without making you jump around like popcorn, it has some really cool pictures combined with hand drawn ones (without making the latter extremely obvious and therefore puzzles too simple) and overall, it delivers a great experience, as I have already said.

Absence tells the story of a guy who discovers that his girlfriend has disappeared inside a haunted house and he has to find some secret stones if he wants to see her back. Apparently the guy didn’t see Zombieland and decides to be a hero, so your quest begins.

The puzzles are not extremely difficult and the pixel hunting is reduced to the minimum due to a cursor that has a good habit of changing shapes when a hot spot is reached. The visuals are really cool – mostly real life pictures of an abandoned house and the sound manages to keep you hooked and scared. Which means that you don’t need any pumpkins to create a spooky, cool game.

See for yourself by heading over to Kongregate and playing today’s free flash game of the day, Absence.