pumpkinroomescapeSince Halloween is coming, I am sure that we will have more Halloween-themed escape the room games released, but until then it appears that it’s only Pumpkin Room Escape that has some partial connections with the spooky holiday.

The biggest challenge in Pumpkin Room Escape won’t be the huge difficulty of the puzzles, nor the hidden objects, but the language: it’s all in Japanese and for most of us it doesn’t make any sense. I wasn’t able to finish the game yet – didn’t give it my best shot either, but at least you got yourself a pumpkin-related game to play in preparation for Halloween.

Or you could simply skip this one and play a real game you can understand from the related links below. It’s your choice: if you want to try Pumpkin Room Escape, hit this link and scroll down until you see the actual game. Have fun!