bloons-tower-defense4Ninja Kiwi has released the fourth game in the Bloons Tower Defense series and I had such a great time playing it that I decided to give it the free flash game of the day award. I am sure you’ll also love it and if you have trouble beating it, just bear with the game a little longer because we’ll also have a walkthrough ready!

Back to Bloons Tower Defense 4, it’s worth noting that the game has changed a lot compared to the previous titles in the series. Now tower upgrades are unlocked on a tower-by-tower basis instead of the classic “all upgrades available”, there’s a hidden fifth super-upgrade for each tower once you reach a specific in-game rank and, well, since I already said it – there are in-game ranks for you to unlock!

Overall, the game is fun and well balanced, it offers a ton of content and you will most likely love to play it. If you don’t believe me, simply head overt to NinjaKiwi and give Bloons Tower Defense 4 a try. Have fun!