graveyard-shiftSide scrolling shooters can only offer that much excitement, but every now and then a developer decides to create something unique and to add their touch of gold to make a side scrolling shooter playable for more than a couple of minutes.

That’s the case of today’s free flash game of the day, Graveyard Shift, a side-scrolling shooter that will challenge you with all sorts of monsters – mostly zombies, infected plants and gargoyles and every now and then will turn you into a bodyguard who has to protect chubby (or just big breasted) maidens. I failed to do so.

Instead of just testing your reflexes and reactions, Graveyard Shift introduces a bit of tactics into play: you can’t shoot continuously because your gun may over-heat, you have to use the shield in order to parry the shots coming from the enemies – but your shield can’t take too much damage either – you must shoot gargoyles only when their mouth is open and so on and so forth. Also, weapons-wise, you can unlock every now and then some powerful grenades or maybe a sword that, depending on your mouse gestures, may cut through more enemies at once. The point is that every level will bring something new, something that will keep you playing without turning the game into an ocean of boredom.

The sound, as in most flash games, should be turned off from start, but except for that, Graveyard Shift is a perfect product. It gets a bit challenging during the later stages, but that’s the whole point when you’re playing a game, right?

If you agree and you’d like to play Graveyard Shift right away, click this link and… have fun!