lifeforcetdWhenever we encounter a tower defense game we tend to find something bad about it: balancing issues, graphics, concept… something. ANYTHING. Of course, creating tower defense games (not to say “games” generally) is not the easiest job on earth. And that you can see for yourself if you play today’s free flash game of the day, Life Force TD.

According to the game’s author, Life Force TD was developed at the Packed Factory – a tool for creating your own TD games. If you manage to finish all 40 waves, you will receive an invitation code to the Packed Factory which is currently in beta. Which means that you can create your own tower defense game and share it with the world. Sounds enough for a challenge?

Trust me when I say that it is: Life Force TD, even though today’s free flash game of the day, is not the best balanced tower defense game out there and the enemies tend to either heal themselves or follow some strange routes you weren’t expecting to see them following. Other times, the prices of the towers will seem to be extremely high… In other words, it will be pretty difficult to beat the game, but if you try hard enough you should manage. And for such a nice promised price, it probably is worth a try.

If you agree with that, head over to Kongregate and play Life Force TD by clicking on this link. Have fun!