best-flash-gamesAnother month has passed, another “flash games of the month” feature is here to bring you the list of the games that won this August Unigamesity’s free flash game of the day awards. By checking out the list below you will find out if you missed any big flash game released during the previous month. Have fun!

Daytraders of the Dead: top down shooting action and tons of money to be won. What could you want more during these troubled economic times?
Kidnapped by Pirates: it’s not the Caribbean (or it is, it doesn’t matter), but one thing is clear: you have to get out of that ship FAST. Can you do it?
Deep Chalk: Phase Three: Feel like solving some puzzles? This is the right place to do it!
ROLY-POLY Eliminator: Smilie faces… we all love them. Or not? Try this game and you’ll see for yourself!
Multitasking: So, you think you can do more things at once? This game will show you that you can’t. Or at least that it’s not an easy job. AT ALL!
CycloManiacs: A really complete and complex bike racing game, CycloManiacs proves that flash games are pretty close of reaching the high quality of big budget games.
Red Code 2: What will you do if insectoid aliens invade our planet? Well… you go on a killing spree and you know how to handle them, thanks to Red Code 2!
Mafia Lair: They got you and you have to escape their room. It’s not difficult at all, especially since the mafia ain’t what it used to be a while ago…
Cube Collosus: A different type of shmup, a lot of guaranteed fun!
More Zombies: Didn’t get enough zombies in the first game of the day this month? It’s OK, we have even More Zombies for you!
Epic Battle Fantasy 2: a great sequel to a great game: great RPG. Uhm… EPIC, sorry!
Max Damage: A kid in the tech department. What can it do there? Maximum damage, of course!
Colony: A Starcraft tribute, a very nice strategy game with a bit of tactics involved. The best part? You don’t have to be a Starcraft fan yourself to like this game!
Necronomicon: Card trading, well balanced and quite difficult to finish. If you think you can do it, be my guest and give it a try!
Enigmata: yet another shmup for you to experience and love, especially since it comes packed with some really BFSs.
Another Small Favor: and another epic sequel. Adventure at its best, top quality!