red-code2Today’s free flash game of the day award goes to Red Code 2, a pretty cool side scrolling action game developed by Making Fun Games (yes, that’s the studio’s name!) So, if you were feeling like playing a pretty high quality action flash game and you have some free time to spend playing, then read on to find out more about the game you should probably play!

Your job in Red Code 2 (honestly, I had no idea there was a first game – my loss, it seems!) is to save mankind (obviously!) from an alien invasion – the Xxconian insectoid race who gets stronger and stronger as you kill more members of their race. Pretty cool aliens, right? Well… not for the human kind, so you’ll have to blast them all away.

Although great in concept and still a nice play, Red Code 2 has its weak points. For example, the overall speed of the game seems to be a bit slow, even though there are tons of alien insects to blast away. The aiming, even though upgradeable with energy points, completely sucks (I mean, I understand that aiming can be a bit off, but we’re talking about a super-soldier in the end!) and the upgrade system follows a trial-and-error system that can also get a bit frustrating in the later stages when you realize that you should’ve used the upgrade points differently.

However, even with these cons, Red Code 2 is a really cool flash game that deserves to be tried out: you might not love it, of course, but you lose nothing by giving it a try, right? So head over to Kongregate by following this link and hit the play button.