mafia-lairIt’s been a while since our free flash game of the day award was won by an escape the room game and things have to change! Therefore I am offering you today Mafia Lair, a really nice (yet short) escape the room game for you to play in order to satisfy your escaping needs – if that makes any sense.

If not, you should know that Mafia Lair is a really solid game and it is probably most suited for those who are just starting to experience flash games in general and escape the room titles in special because, yes, it is quite a simple game.

However, the visuals are quite charming, the soundtrack follows the same route and there still is one last puzzle that will prove to be quite challenging. But, in the end, you should get out without any problems and enjoy a quick but well done escape the room game.

In order to play today’s free flash game of the day, Mafia Lair, head over to the Stone Age Game website by following the link and enjoy!