poolWell, to be honest, it has been some time since I last played pool (virtually or in real life) and I was really glad when I found American 9-Ball Pool over on Kongregate and played it for a while, getting beaten by Blind Betty (how pathetic is that?) and Dave. However, I will improve my skills and win the tournament, I promise!

Although there’s really not much to be said about a free flash game of pool, generally, this one here does everything such a solid game should do: comes with some really nice graphics, good physics/ball movement, heaps of play modes (9 ball and classic pool, all sorts of tournaments) and, the cherry on top: multiplayer matches! And this is the reason that makes American 9-Ball Pool a perfect choice for your five minute break, especially if you’re in a crowded office and you manage to convince a colleague play with you.

So waste no more time and go over at Kongregate and give American 9-Ball Pool a try. You know you want to!