cyclomaniaWarning! Today’s free flash game of the day is so addicting that you really risk losing your entire day trying to beat it! These being said, let’s find out more about the absolutely amazing flash game CycloManiacs, the worthy winner of today’s award and the result of the collaboration between robotJAM and LongAnimals.

A true bike racing tournament, CycloManiacs is easy to play but really difficult to master: it features physics-based dirt bike racing that also adds competition into play, plus various achievements for the players to unlock and tons of drivers to choose from. So, if you want to race as a Mr. T clone, Elvis Presley, Fancy Pants, Laurel and Hardy or many other well known characters, CycloManiacs gives you the chance to do so.

There are 20 riders and bikes to unlock, 26 tracks, 70 achievements, and 20 bike horns in CycloManiacs, which can be easily translated in “a lot of time for you to spend playing the game”. Add to that upgrades and that personal competitive part that any of us has (we’ll all say “I can do better than that” and start playing once again) and you have the recipe for a flash game a la carte.

The graphics are also really well done, the physics are great and the balancing of the bike drivers is great too (we have the speed drivers, the “safe drivers” and the acrobatic ones – each best suited for a certain type of event) and all in all CycloManiacs is impressive – a truly addicting game, but also a really high quality one.

In order to play today’s flash game of the day, CycloManiacs, for free, head over to Kongregate by following this link and enjoy!