Play This: Multitasking

Play This: Multitasking

multitaskingDo you remember the hardest flash game ever? Well, Multitasking is here now, trying to prove that Run is now obsolete and there’s a new king in town! And although it’s incredibly hard and challenging and managed to drive me mad in just 90 seconds, Multitasking still receives the free flash game of the day award for being so incredibly cool, after all.

The idea behind Multitasking is quite simple and very straightforward: you start out small, with one simple balance game, but as time passes by, more games (also, in theory, very simple) are added: move a blue icon up and down to avoid getting it hit by flying spikes, move a square over other squares and so on. The challenging and mind boggling part? You have to play all the games at the same time!

And trust me, when there are four different things happening on the screen and nine different buttons you have to press, it gets really, really confusing. But I do believe that actually Multitasking is a great for keeping our brains fit and for improving our coordination. To be honest, I was pretty satisfied with my coordination before playing today’s free flash game of the day, but things have changed drastically since then.

You should also give it a try! Most likely, it won’t last more than 3-4 minutes to play Multitasking, but it will be really intense. Click on this link here in order to go to the Kongregate website and play today’s free flash game of the day, Multitasking. What was your best time?