roly-poly-eliminatorToday’s free flash game of the day is ROLY-POLY Eliminator, a really cool puzzler/logical game developed by BubbleBox. This nice title will certainly challenge you today so maybe it’s not the best choice for the tired fellows who spent the entire week working, but it certainly helps your brain keep on going and yourself entertained!

The free flash game ROLY-POLY Eliminator uses a fair amount of physics-based gameplay as well as well as some really, really cute puzzles (honestly, now, the Rolly-poly’s might be bad and so, but they’re really cute in the end!) and a difficulty level that keeps growing and growing until you won’t be able to play without a walkthrough (but we have it coming, so you shouldn’t be too worried).

All you should do know would be to head over to the Kongregate website and give ROLY-POLY Eliminator a try: you will love the simple yet cute visuals, you will barely notice the soundtrack and sound effects, and you will probably get stuck by the time we’ll post the walkthrough (maybe at level 15?). But it won’t be any time wasted, since the link will be below. Enjoy and have fun!

UPDATE: Here it is, as promised: the Roly-Poly Eliminator Video Walkthrough!