gobtronSome games, no matter if they’re free flash games or expensive, mainstream titles, have to be controversial in order to succeed. Others opt for another way of reaching their success: let them be gross! That’s the case of Gobtron, a really gross game gentlemen won’t play, but kids nowadays will certainly love. And since it’s completely free to play, it will most certainly become a hugely popular game.

Basically in Gobtron you control a “legendary” monster with the same name, a huge and pink (why pink???) creature that is simply hideous and disgusting and looks nothing like what a sane person would associate with the term “legendary”. Even more, this Gobtron monster seems to have something against the human kind, as it blasts them away (or apart, or who know how) with a sticky snot shot, it weakens them with the booger cannon or the sonic burp and defends itself with a hideously bubble burp.

So yes, we can all agree that Gobtron is gross and disgusting, and that’s exactly the reason why you’ll wish to give it a try, to test it and then to forget you ever played this game. However, as strange as it might sound, during the early stages, the free flash game Gobtron is an interesting play, but unfortunately in the later stages when the screen gets crowded and there are many items there, the control begins to fail and it will become quite frustrating. However, it’s OK – you wouldn’t wish to spend more than 10-15 minutes with this bugger mess…

But if you’re willing to take the risk and you wish to play this gross flash game for free, head over to Kongregate by following this link and give it a try!