semantic-warsAh, hangman! Do you still remember the days when we could play using only a piece of paper and a pencil? Well, those days might be long gone, but the classic Hangman game still exists and it evolves to become a must play game for today’s kids (and not only) with charming games like Semantic Wars – today’s choice for the game you must play during your five minute break!

Semantic Wars is a free flash games available over at Limex Games, a title that mixes strategy with the classic Hangman in order to give birth to a really addictive game. Basically a “defend/conquer the castle” game, it has everything the games in the genre have: rock-paper-scissors types of units, power-ups and a bit of strategy involved in the creation of your troops. The only thing here is that you don’t gain gold from killing the enemy’s troops, but from guessing the correct letters in a Hangman type of game that takes place below the main screen. If you miss, you lose money (or, worse, health of your castle) but if you guess words easily, you will soon be victorious.

Even though charming and really well done, Semantic Wars can get a bit confusing and maybe even messy when the intensity grows, since it will be quite difficult to keep an evidence of the order you have trained your troops and the words below. However, it’s all part of this free flash game and it is something that makes it such a must play.

So if the combination between tactics and Hangman seems like a nice idea for you, head over to Limex Games (by following the link) and play Semantic Wars!