deep-chalkAh, what an amazingly well done puzzler we have today on offer in our daily free flash game of the day feature! The game’s title is Deep Chalk: Phase Three and, just like the previous two games in the series, it offers an amazing experience. And trust me when I say that, even if the screenshot to the left might not seem too impressive: I don’t let myself impressed by such minimalistic designs either, but this time it’s all high quality.

Just like in the previous games in the series, in today’s free flash game of the day Deep Chalk: Phase Three you have to help the floating crystal pass through the nice landscapes – but you don’t controll the crystal directly, but the objects in the way. You will have to push, pull, click on objects and generally let yourself absorbed into the amazing world created by the game’s developer.

The puzzles are just a bit challenging, but once you get stuck it might take a while until you manage to “see” the solution. However, that’s part of the plan and you will never get mad with Deep Chalk: Phase Three – even if the title screen itself is a small puzzle that gets you pixel hunting for the way to start the game.

If the visuals of the game are not something you could call “amazing” and generally follow the patter of the image in the upper left corner, it is the sound that really blows your mind away – one aspect usually ignored or neglected in flash games. Deep Chalk: Phase Three takes that into account and manages to create a truly unique experience with the soundtrack so by all means, if possible, play the game with the sound turned on!

Now all you have to do is follow the link and check out today’s free flash game of the day and also check back really soon for a complete walkthrough of Deep Chalk: Phase Three, in case you get stuck!

UPDATE: As promised, I have for you the Deep Chalk: Phase Three walkthrough!