wogger5Wogger is back with the fifth level that I’m recommending you for the five minute break you have today: a point and click adventure game with a style of its own, charming and interesting as ever, even though probably not as cool as previous iterations Wogger Inside 5 is still a nice and quick play

However, it’s still nice to do the pixel hunting and find the right places to click on and help Wogger reach its destination. And you only start on a leaf… well, things could’ve been much worse, in the end! And they might be if you don’t make the right choices!

In order to play the game, you have to do some pixel hunting on the game’s screen and click the mouse when the cursor changes into a hand – that will trigger an event, and you’ll have to keep going. As a hint to get you started (not that there’s too much to play, after all), use the leaf near the two leafs to get it started.

The rest is up for you to solve. Go on and play Wogger Inside 5 on its official website. Have fun!