kidnapped-by-piratesGet ready for the adventure of your lifetime, matey, since today’s free flash game of the day takes you to the troubled seas, on a troubled ship where… well, it’s you who’s in trouble! Play Kidnapped by Pirates, a point and click adventure/escape the room game and prove yourself that you have the power, the guts and the brain to outcome the evil parrot-wearing one-eyed pirates.

The story of the game is simple and direct, and the official description is quite hilarious: “It seems that pirates have kidnapped me ! I must find a way out of here …” However, this doesn’t mean that the rest of the Kidnapped by Pirates free flash game is as silly. On the contrary – it’s a really well done and rather lengthy adventure, with it’s fair share of smart puzzles and pixel hunting, adding to the general (and pleasant) experience of the title.

There are some things that are not as pleasant: for example, the dialog boxes will become a bit annoying since you’ll have to press the “x” every time to close them and there will be regular glitches in which you’ll be able to let a barrel, for example, hanging in mid air, but except of these two little things (that are not deal breakers, after all), Kidnapped by Pirates is a great play.

The graphics are really nice and funny, too, but the soundtrack doesn’t math the game’s quality. Gladly, you can turn the music off and you’ll only have to accept a few effects while navigating. Which is much better than being forced to play with the soundtrack on!

Now head over to Kongregate and play today’s free flash game of the day, Kidnapped by Pirates. And, of course, remember to check back for even more goodies like this one!

UPDATE: If you get stuck in the game, head over and read the Kidnapped by Pirates walkthrough here in the Unigamesity!