daytraders-of-the-deadToday’s free flash game of the day, Daytraders of the Dead, satisfies your need for the “what if zombies invaded us and I had to blast them away” weekly dose: and manages to do it in a fun way – both for experienced zombie hunters as well as beginners. And yes, you’ll love playing the game for free in your browser, even though your boss might not like the tons of on-screen blood you’ll produce.

Daytraders of the Dead is basically a top down shooter that starts slowly and looks quite easy on the normal difficulty level, but proves to be a challenge in the later stages (I’m not even mentioning the Extreme Mode, which was a real turn off for me due to high difficulty vs my poor skills).

Back to today’s free flash game of the day, Daytraders of the Dead, it puts you in the shoes of a soldier (apparently) who somehow finds himself in a zombie-infested bank and has to blast his way through them, wile also making a buck in the process by collecting credit cards, jewels and so much more.

In order to help our soldier achieve his goal, since there are huge amounts of zombies in the bank (which means that the game is totally sci-fi, as today there are barely any people in a bank due to the recession), we’ll benefit from lots of power-ups, from shield to increased bullet power, to shockwaves and even nukes! The number of weapons is also impressive but unfortunately your character can only hold one weapon at a time (which, even though realistic, offers a bit less satisfaction than a title that allows you to switch, by pressing one key, from the rocket launcher to the knife). Oh, well… zombie fighting is always unlike we’d like it to be!

However, Daytraders of the Dead is a really fun game that should be played by all of you: it’s messy, it’s really intense, it’s fast and, most important, is completely free of charge. So follow the link to Armor Games and give today’s free flash game of the day a try!