super-xtremeWell, today’s free flash game for your five minute break really lasts five minutes – and it’s incredibly fun to play! I’m talking about Super Xtreme 5 Minute Shoot Em Up, a game that proves that you don’t have to spend hours with a game in order to have fun, experience lots of varied enemies and landscapes just to have, at the end of the game, a huge smile on your face.

Super Xtreme, developed by Coolio-Niato, is a really intense shmup that proves to be easier than other similar products, but still not easy to finish, which means that you might consider allocating 10 minutes to playing this title, since you’ll most certainly wish to beat your record. (I lost with 28:09 seconds left in the game and only got a “great” score which is not that great if I am to judge the scoring marker – so I will start a new game immediately after posting this).

Another great thing regarding today’s five minutes break game Super Xtreme is the fact that it can be played in two player co-op as well, making it even more fun! And it all lasts just five minutes, for real!

So waste no more time and head over to the Armor Games website and play the awesomely intense five minute shooter Super Xtreme. You won’t regret a single second!