kidnapped2Today’s free flash game of the day was Kidnapped by Pirates and now I am giving you a walkthrough for the game. So if you got stuck playing Kidnapped by Pirates read this step by step guide that will teach you what to do in order to beat the game and escape the ship. Read on the Kidnapped by Pirates walkthrough and feel free to use the comment section below for any problems.

Full Kidnapped by Pirates guide:

1. Go left and drag down the top ring on the barrel to reveal a crowbar. Get it.
2. Use crowbar with the box to the left, clear the debris there by clicking on it and get the gold bar.
3. Go left and use gold bar with lock. Go forward
4. Move the seat to the right and get the key
5. Move forward, then enter the second room to the left. Get cannonball.
6. Go back and use the key with the first door to the right. Click on the green locker to the left and use the following code to open it (code is on the boot): left, left, right, left. Get the key and the lighter. Also, take the hammock.
7. Go back and use the key with the door to the left. Enter and use the cannonball with the cannon to the left. Pick up from it the key and the cog.
8. Go back and open the second room to the right. Use lighter with lamp then put the cog onto the peg and pull down the lever.
9. Go back and forward. More rooms!
10. Enter the first room to the left and note the symbols on the barrel (354).
11. Go back and enter the second door to the left. Use crowbar with the gray box and take the rope.
17. Click on the first door to the right and open door using code 354. Enter.
18. Take oar and note the coordinates (7394)
19. Click on the box on the table and use the 7394 code to open it. Get diamond.
20. Use the key to open the second door to the right and enter the room.
21. Click on mattress and use the rope with the revealed door. Use hammock with rope.
22. You now have to go to the room with cannonballs and use two cannonballs with the hammock (this means that you must do TWO trips to the room). When the door opens, go down.
23. Click on the pad in the middle and insert the diamond in the open slot. Press the ON button twice and get the shield.
24. Go back four screens and pick up the sword.
25. Go forward twice and enter the door with the trap room again. Place the shield on the wall and the sword as a lever.
26. Go back and forward. Use the oar with the water and… you’re out!