necronomiconIf you love card trading games, then today’s free flash game of the day, Necronomicon, is the title you wish to play: it is a really challenging, yet only single player card trading game based on HP Lovecraft’s work: battle against the Cthulhu Mythos in this single player card game based on the work of HP Lovecraft, says the short description and, at first, that seems to be all there is to say.

Of course, there is much more about this Necronomicon game: it is very well balanced and quite difficult to finish (even from the first levels the AI knows how to play and you’ll find yourself in messy situations pretty often), so we could say that it might be suitable just for those who have played card trading games in the past, or for beginners who are really ready to lose a few games before they get a hang of things.

Except for that, there are achievements to be won based on your performance (if you play the game on Kongregate and you have an account, that is) and there are quite a few tactics you can try to finish the game.

A few tips on Necronomicon, as posted as the author himself, say that Taint doesn’t kill (removed if down to 1 life). Sanity goes to -10 only, and cards can still be used. Roll mouse over insanities to see what they do. Creatures only counter attack after you’re hit. They don’t attack direct. Mouse control. Select a card then hit the centre button to play that card. Cards cost sanity to play (green number in the bottom right) – if you run out of sanity then you will go insane. Which is not always a really bad thing…

But you will see all these for yourself if you head over to Kongregate and give Necronomicon a try!