dons-debtsStarting today, I’m introducing a new flash-game related daily feature that will deliver even more choices for your gaming pleasure. So what is Flash Links, after all? A daily feature in which I will link you to the best flash games that have been released today. The number of recommended titles will obviously vary depending on the amount but also the quality of the released games, but we should have at least three-four games per day.

Flash Links will not take the spot of the flash game of the day awards (these are still being handed) and, for now, we won’t talk about escape the room games either since there will be a special feature for them, too sine I am a huge fan of escape games and I love to try each and every one that comes out.

But enough talking! Let’s check out the worth trying flash games of the day!

1. inFamous: the flash version/teaser for the PlayStation 3 game, inFamous mixes some side scrolling action with physics and tons of super-powers to deliver a great game overall, even though the main character’s movement is sometimes a bit strange. Quite lengthy and with two “ways” to chose from, inFamous is clearly a must try. Click here to play it!

2. RicoBrix: classic breakout game, really well done and perfect for your five minute break, especially if you love brick breaking games. It has powerups, it is quite easy and it offers 20 levels of fun brick breaking action! Give it a try here.

3. Medieval Rampage 2: fully titled Medieval Rampage 2 – The Realm of Darkness, this RPG/top down shooter mix puts you in the shoes of a brave warrior that has to fight against tons of enemies and well done bosses and stay alive for as long as possible. There are 20 levels, power-ups, character leveling and tons of options to make you love MR2! Click here to play it!

4. Don’s Debts: a really funny game that will indeed start to seem boring after the third level, but still a nice and fun stress relief game until then. Easy to play and quite well done, Don’d Debts puts a bat in your hand and sends you out to hit people. Plain and simple. See for yourself here!

These are the first games in Unigamesity’s brand new Flash Links feature. Tell us which game you liked the most and remember to check back tomorrow for even more goodies. Or simply browse the website for more flash titles: escape the room games plus the free flash game of the day. Because in the Unigamesity, you’ll never be bored!