hospital-escape-screencaptureIt’s been a really busy weekend in the flash games world and that’s the reason why I have decided to introduce the Flash Links feature here in the Unigamesity. But still that wasn’t enough, so I am going to give you even more great free flash games to play, this time solely in the Escape the Room genre: four great titles described and linked to below. Have fun!

1. Uranus: obviously hilarious from sick reasons (basically, the game can be called “Escape Uranus”), this free escape the room flash game is pretty short and easy – even though it has its share of nonsense. Nevertheless a game fans of the genre will love to try – you can do so by following this link.

2. Escape from Dungeon: you have probably escaped all the possible places on earth and space… but the dungeon. You’re challenged to do so in this little Engrish-made Escape from Dungeon title. A few puzzles, a few clicks, some pixel hunting and you’re out. Or? See for yourself here.

3. Hospital Escape: I guess we can all agree that nobody likes to go to the hospital. Certainly that’s the thing the developers of Hospital Escape thought when they decided to create this game and challenged us to escape the germ-free rooms of the hospital. Can you do it alone? Click here to find out!

4. Life Ark 4: the fourth in the series, Life Ark 4 challenges you to escape this new universe and find another in which your species can become the dominant one. Can you make it? Prepare for some clever puzzles and cute visuals and, of course, quite a few places in which you will get stuck! Head over to FreeWorldGroup to play this game.

Now share your impressions with the world: which game did you enjoy the most?