enigmata-gotdAnother shmup wins Unigamesity’s free flash game of the day award this month, so I guess we can say that August is the “shoot’em’up month”. And it simply couldn’t be otherwise with games like Enigmata being released! So if you want to find out a bit more about a title you simply must play, continue reading about today’s free flash game of the day!

Described as an “epic space adventure game”, Enigmata indeed delivers a very pleasant experience that will be appreciated by both the fans of the genre and those who simply wish to spend some time playing a quality game. Sending you straight in the action, Enigmata lets you choose one of three ships to control and gives you tons of enemies to blast away.

As in any respectable shmup, there are quite a few weapon types and secondary weapons in Enigmata, tons of upgrades to be bought in the game’s shop at the end of a level (hint: if you wish a better start for the game, complete the tutorial too!) and stats to be increased and improved throughout the 20 levels.

With the sound off the game is quite a charmer that can be controlled either with the mouse or keyboard, one that comes with lots of achievements and, as I kept saying, bags of fun. There are indeed a few bugs and sometimes you’ll notice picking up an “Empty” power-up (or maybe that is how the developer intended it to be?) and indeed the ships seem to be a bit too big for the relatively small screen (click on the picture to see for yourself) but all in all, the game is fun and a worthy winner of today’s free flash game of the day award.

So head over to Kongregate and give Enigmata a try. Have fun!