xenospace-survivor-screenshotThree great flash games have to be highlighted today and I am sure you will enjoy playing each and every one of them, especially since there are three different genres, from strategy to escape the room skills and some really tough action/RPG in between. So check out three of the best flash games released today and give them a try right away!

1. Antbuster: a tower defense free flash game with a twist: instead of all sorts of strange enemies, robots and god knows what kinds of ancient and fantasy enemies, you have to fight against… ants. JUST ants. And it is tougher than you might think it is at first: you have all sorts of upgrades for your towers, which is a good thing. You also have just a small cake to guard, which is a bad thing. But you’ll see for yourself. Just click here and play the game!

2. Xenospace: Survivor: a pretty nice action/top down shooter game set in a futuristic world infested with ugly (but huge) bugs, Xenospace puts you in the shoes of a scientists-savior who has a lot of guts and bags of weapons to fight against the enemies. Indeed it might become a bit repetitive after a while, but until then you’ll be completely satisfied. Try it on the game’s official website (click here!)

3. D’s the Old Times: developed by the Japanese Flash game developer Doradora, this is a great escape the room type of game for those who are willing to get over the language barrier in order to finish an awesome title. Challenging and well done, it is certainly a title you must play if you are a fan of free escape the room games! Give it a try here.

And since it’s Monday, I have a little gift for you in the end: a little artsy game, with six hot levels. Do you feel Insanity-inspired?