another-small-favorDo you still remember A Small Favor, the great flash game we loved so much here in the Unigamesity? If you do, you should be really pleased to hear that a sequel has just come out. If you don’t… well… there’s always a good time to start playing some quality flash adventure games and Another Small Favor might be exactly the game you were expecting today!

You play the same character as in the first game of the series, but this time it’s even more complicated to finish the game. However, from a gamer’s perspective, this is not a problem since “more complicated” means, in our case, a much bigger game, more puzzles and some really challenging quests (even though most of the time you will have to try and guess where to travel and what correct hot spot to hit).

However, as you will see for yourself (if you played the first game), Another Small Favor adds quite a few improvements, expands upon the navigation allowing you to choose which areas to access – with just one click of the mouse and offers you even more depth before the chapter’s ending. Also, the visuals carry on with the cartoonish, delightful note of the first title and the puzzles are overall clever, while the story is awesomely told.

A real work of art – especially suitable for those who would rather play a “deep” adventure game rather than a shooter, for example, but also a must try even for those who are not necessarily fans of the genre. Especially since it’s free, right?

So just click here and try today’s free flash game of the day, Another Small Favor.