more-zombiesI guess that we all love playing games in which the most fun brain eating fictional characters come in swarms and we are able to destroy them all with a hot dog stick, right? If that’s the case, there is just one thing one gamer can ask for: More Zombies! And that’s exactly what today’s free flash game of the day is delivering: a lot more zombies than most of other games, all of them fun to blast away.

Putting you in the shoes of a hot dog salesperson, More Zombies delivers tons of non-stop action spread throughout four stages (of circa 10 “waves” each) which is more than enough for the regular gamer. You have lots of options to choose how to blast the brain eating creatures’ heads off, from a fun hot dog cork to dinosaur femurs, all sorts of guns, grenades and so on.

There are no upgrades in More Zombies – but you won’t feel their lack since there are more weapons than ever and you’ll have enough items dropped by the zombies to never ask for extra anymore. Actually the only problem I have found with More Zombies is that it’s a bit too easy: you will end up wiping out thousands of zombies, but your life bar will never get lower than half. Which, on second thought, is not really such a bad thing because it’s usually quite great to live, right?

One particular thing that I enjoyed while playing More Zombies was the soundtrack: one that fits perfectly the “last man standing, the superhero fighting tons of brain eating undeads” theme. Also the graphics are very very cool and the title, overall, is tons of fun. Highly recommended!

So head over to Armor Games and play today’s free flash game of the day, More Zombies!