ebf2Remember Epic Battle Fantasy? If you do, then you’ll be really happy to hear that Epic Battle Fantasy 2 has just been launched and, just as its predecessor, it wins the free flash game of the day award here at the Unigamesity! In case you’ve never heard about this game, it is a JRPG that seems to mix visual elements from games like Final Fantasy and Pokemon. Which can’t be a failure, right?

Just like the original, Epic Battle Fantasy 2 doesn’t come with a story to follow, and it’s all about the… well… epic battles! There are more difficulty levels now, more items and upgradeable stats for the characters, but overall the concept and even the visuals are the same: of course, you won’t fight fluffy bunnies and other Pokemon-like creatures all the time, variety has come into play and there are a lot of bosses that will challenge you with different stats.

There are tons of attack options based on different elements (like ice, fire, earth and so on) as well as magic attacks and a good tactical approach is needed to keep it going even on the lower difficulty settings – as I played Epic Battle Fantasy 2 since I wasn’t in the mood for battling difficult enemies.

Playable only with the mouse, charming and really well done, EBF2 is a must play and I urge you to visit Armor Games right away and give this tactical RPG a try. You will certainly not regret it!