max-damageYou love blowing things up, don’t you? Don’t worry – we all do! And the folks over at Irregular Games seem to know that very well since they have decided to create Max Damage, a physics based “blow things up” type of game that won the flash game of the day award after keeping me hooked for 40 minutes straight. That’s a big success, I can say!

The concept of Max Damage, even though not at all original, is to blow up different types of tech items like plasma screens, microwave ovens but also works of art and so on. Your goal? To reach a certain “damage meter”. In order to do so, you have various types of balls to shoot out of your cannon (like bouncing balls, multiple balls, burning or exploding ones and so on), just a few shots and generally not much more things to destroy than necessary. So yes, in the later stages you will certainly have trouble solving the puzzles and causing mass destruction (I know I got stuck at level 24, for example).

However, if you’re a super-ace and the 49 levels are not enough for you, you can even purchase some extra levels from the creators of today’s free flash game of the day, which will certainly satisfy your need for blowing stuff up for quite a while.

So if you wish to give it a go and you’re ready to spend at least half an hour blasting away expensive items, follow this link and press play. Have fun!