colonyReal time strategy fans, as well as tactical lovers, rejoice! Today’s free flash game of the day, Colony, is the title you were expecting, the game you will love playing. A few key bits of information about this game? It is a tribute to Starcraft and it also features four player multiplayer games. Ain’t that enough?

If you said “No,” you were right: a game must be of high quality, too and if the daily award it just got from the Unigamesity is not enough, let me tell you a bit more about Colony. Created by Jakrin Juangbhanich (aka Krin) and developed by Armor Games, Colony puts you in the shoes of a leader of one of three factions (Capitalists, Communists and Fascists) and… well… challenges you to destroy the other two. The plot itself is not really thick – it’s the gameplay that matters, but I did notice a really nice touch: you will have to interact with the AI by answering short lines of text to their questions. Even though it’s limited to “Yes, no, good” or other one letter-answers, it still adds a new dimension into play: one that makes you feel really involved.

The game itself begins on a rather small map, where each faction has its base and starts producing buildings and troops to destroy the other base. There are just four types of buildings each faction can produce – but at least they’re unique to each faction, as well as the troops which, once again, are not extremely varied but they’re enough to deliver some fun.

The campaign itself is quite easy and you’ll get through it with ease – you will simply have to stack a lot of troops and send them to charge the enemy base and that’s it. However, you can consider the campaign some sort of a tutorial for the multiplayer battles (up to four players are allowed to play the flash strategy game Colony in multiplayer) or the quick missions which can get really difficult.

Even though a tribute to Starcraft, Colony has no common points with the game (except for the genre, maybe), but that doesn’t make it a poor product: it is a really cool flash game that you can play for free, straight from your browser and I urge you to do so by following the link to Armor Games.

Have fun and don’t forget to share your impressions with the world!