This week’s round-up comes at a special time: Valentine’s Day and thus we have a special treat for those willing (or wishing) to spend this special day with their special girls while playing video games: seven games to play with your girlfriend over the Valentine’s Weekend. Which is now. Which means you have to start playing!

But not before you read more about the hottest stories of the week. For example, some good news if you found the aforementioned article useful: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games was confirmed, which means that next year on Valentine’s Day, you’ll have even more games to play together with your girlfriend! And since we’re here at the “goods from the future”, you should know that the upcoming release of Pokemon Platinum will bring you a free Giratina Figurine if you decide to pre-order the game. If you do, you must also hurry, since the offer is limited!

If you prefer other genres – let’s say sports – then you have definitely enjoyed already the FIFA 09 multiplayer matches, with few exceptions when the connection was laggy. Well, we have a tutorial on how to solve all FIFA 09 online play problems, so your experience will always be pleasant. As it will be if you’re a Left 4 Dead fan, for example: the upcoming Survival Pack DLC will be completely free to download!

This week also proved to be one in which publishers announce plans regarding their big upcoming games: Electronic Arts teased us with the first Dante’s Inferno details, as well as with a new and exciting project, G.I. Joe. We also received the first solid information on the upcoming God of War III, together with rumors regarding a possible Starcraft II beta which will kick off by the end of the year and a possible Gears of War prequel sometime in the future.

However, if you prefer games which can already be played, why not give it a try to an evergreen: Gothic I, as we’ve suggested in our Time Traveling feature, after we found out that your favorite games are RPGs.