starcraft-iiAlthough we’re not going to get, after all, one of the most anticipated real time strategy games this year, we might still get a bit of Starcraft II after all since Blizzard plans to start a Beta session sometime in the next months. However, a kind of limited and very tough to get in beta stage is anticipated, so make sure to have a nice, clean gamer’s CV prepared for when it kicks off.

And it could be sooner or later – you never know how it is when it comes to Blizzard, as the company sometimes seems to be living in a different timezone. However, according to 1UP, Blizzard’s CEO Paul Sams said the StarCraft 2 beta would be taking place in “the coming months”. May 2010 is a “Coming month” as well, but we truly believe that the man didn’t go that far though.

As you can imagine, that’s about everything we know about the upcoming Starcraft II Beta, but we’ll update you as soon as we have some extra details. Hopefully pretty soon.