namco-museunNamco likes to believe that classics never get old, they just get better and therefore the company announced the Xbox 360 release of Namco Museum: Virtual Arcade in Europe this April. With over 30 titles on offer, the collection might keep you busy for a while, especially because it comes packed with some modern features, like online leaderboards.

The Namco Museum: Virtual Arcade collection also allows for XBLA gaming with no downloading necessary! Now you can get your XBLA fix and play the critically acclaimed and visually spectacular Pac-Man Championship Edition and the underground drilling classic Dig Dug, alongside other classics. Also, you’ll get your share of remakes with Dig Dug Arrangement, Galaga Arrangement and Pac-Man Arrangement.

Some of the titles will support multiplayer modes for up to four players, but we have no further details on the matter. Also, Namco did not announce the pricing of the release, so we still have to wait a bit more until we start making any plans, right?