sw2-1Nowadays, game developers tend to involve gamers in the development process either by allowing them to have their face featured in specific games, or by choosing their favorite unit or character or whatever they want in the game. Blizzard needs help, too and since there are slim chances to see your face in Starcraft II, you can choose the looks of the Protoss Dark Templar unit.

Being one of the favorite units of the StarCraft gamers, it’s pretty obvious that Blizzard have no intention of making the wrong choice and upsetting their fans: you can choose the Lenassa tribe of dark templar (as in the original Starcraft), go for the Zer’atai tribe of dark templar, who wield dual scythes and wear an ensemble of heavy armor and the bones of slain zerg or you could consider both templars awesome and choose to have both tribes represented and whenever you’ll build a Protoss Dark Templar, you’ll have either the Lenassa or Zer’atai spawned randomly.

You can go cast your vote on the official Starcraft II page, but make sure you return and let us know which option did you choose. As I’m all for new things, the Zer’atai got my vote, although I would not mind at all if both templars will be featured in the game.