Electronic Arts to Support Home With EA Sports Complex

Electronic Arts to Support Home With EA Sports Complex

ea_sports_complex_-_screenElectronic Arts is the newest company to go on and try the advantages of being Home – at least from Sony’s point of view. EA has just announced its debut on the PlayStation Network with EA Sports Complex, the new space for fans of Electronic Arts and sports games which will be launched this spring.

According to the publishers, EA Sports Complex will be a space designed for both casual and hardcore gamers where players all over the world will be able to have fun by playing multiplayer games, check the leaderboards and see how they compare against other people, as well as watch new trailers from EA Sports games.

“We’re proud to support the PlayStation Home Beta with a very robust offering from EA Sports,” said Peter Moore, president of EA Sports. “As part of our continued commitment to the connected experience and the digitization of our business, the EA Sports Complex is a rich new online environment that presents a compelling and immersive social gaming experience for the global sports audience.”

Electronic Arts also announced that it is working with Sony on “further label support of PS Home Beta”, but no details were offered at the moment.