justice-firstWe all know that Lionhead’s Peter Molyneux tends to get over-excited when he talks about his upcoming games, and so he did a while ago when talking about an unnamed, to be released title. Of course, we didn’t care too much, but it appears that the man was right – at least when it comes to game concepts, because yes, apparently there are two very promising games in the works over at the Lionhead Studios.

Spotted by Destructoid’s Brad Nicholson, there are quite a few concept art images Leading Light Design, a company that esthetically influenced the Fable series, but also Killzone 2 and Facebreaker. As if that wouldn’t be enough to consider that they’re great when it comes to character design, we have the image you can see in the upper left corner as a further proof. It’s from upcoming Lionhead game Justice, which could be about an escaped convict looking for redemption. Or about the special agent who’s assigned to look for the escaped convict… the idea is that, no matter what it will be, it will look great!

However, the other spotted title seems more promising (and in a more advanced state): dubbed Survivors and filled with concept art images, the game will certainly be about a post-apocalyptic world in which people strive to survive. It makes me think “Fallout in Molyneux’ vision” and I must admit that I am very excited. However, we have absolutely no idea what these two games really are about, nor if they are (or ever will) going to be developed. I truly hope they will.