You probably know that industry’s clairvoyant Peter Molyneux tends to get over excited when talking about his gaming projects, which are usually unbelievably ambitious, groundbreaking and can offer you thousands of AI characters on the screen, at the same time. Yes, he does tend to overreact a little, but this does not mean we don’t love him because of that.

However, Microsoft might have a different feeling about this since Peter started talking again and probably said a thing or two she really shouldn’t. While talking to Kikizo, Molyneux said that the next Lionhead game (also known as Project X) will be really “politically contentious” and “there’s nothing else remotely like it ever before”.

He also said that he would love to show off the game during the next GDC (in March, that is), but Microsoft might have some other plans because the company wants to “shock and awe” the industry with the announcement. And I must admit that, even though I know how overly excited Peter Molyneux can get, I am very curious to find out details about this game. After all, Black and White or Fable were two really big titles in the industry! But there’s just one thing I hope we won’t see from Peter, Lionhead and Microsoft: dogs. No more dogs, please!