Activision managed to become the reason why lots of gamers were left broken-hearted when the company announced that it will not be picking up Ghostbusters: The Videogame following the merger with Vivendi. It was a really shocking news back then, having in mind that the development process for the highly anticipated game was pretty advanced.

However, all the Ghostbuster fans should keep their chin up since such a big game is just not meant to die in an archive room! Even better, having in mind the quality of games they produce, it appears that Atari might have jumped on the white horse and started the rescue plan.

Dan Aykroyd himself confirmed this, according to Kotaku who heard the former ghostbuster talking with a Dallas radio station: Aykroyd said that the game is still one year away and it’s being developed by Atari. So, here you are! Ghostbusters will eventually hit our consoles and we demand improved quality for the wait. Atari can do it, there’s no question about it!