Probably the Gods of gaming decided that Take Two had no legal problems for too long, so they decided to come up with something. This time we’re talking about a former Take Two exec who filled a $50 million lawsuit against his former company. Yes, big bucks are involved in this gaming industry!

According to Game Politics, Robert Alexander claims that Take Two breached an oral agreement in which the company agreed to pay him an annual salary of $240,000 with a 20% raise per year, a $25,000 monthly expense allowance, 50,000 shares from the company and $0.50 per game handled by his distribution company, Game Ballers. This means tons of money!

I must admit that, with so big sums involved, no matter how big of a friend I’d be with a company’s management (Alexander says he was in good relations with Paul Eibeler, the CEO of Take Two when the deal was made) I’d still want that written on a piece of paper. Signed and sealed, eventually.

Anyway, since it’s a “my word against his word” type of lawsuit here, it’s unlikely it will be solved to soon. Still, it’s worth noting, just for the sake of being fair, that current Take Two management had absolutely no involvement in this supposed deal.


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