GTAVRockstar has announced, via its website, that they’ll be bringing new story DLC for Grand Theft Auto V characters Michael, Franklin, and Trevor next year.

“We have big plans for substantial additions in 2014 continuing Michael, Franklin, and Trevor’s action, mayhem, and unexpected adventures in Southern San Andreas,” Rockstar said.

This is the first time Rockstar has spoken about any sort of single-player add-on content for their latest open-world epic. All DLC news and updates have only involved Grand Theft Auto Online. If Rockstar’s history with single-player DLC is anything to go by, perfect examples being GTA IV’s The Lost and the Damned and Gay Tony expansions, we should definitely expect to see a great volume of quality for this upcoming content.

Also planned for 2014 are the long promised Heist missions for online play. Rockstar has explained that they’re working “very hard” to polish this content as best as they can before it officially becomes available to the public, a precautionary measure further influenced by GTA Online’s disastrous release.

The developer has also promised that it has “much more” news to share regarding content for the title in 2014. The game, as well known, has become the single best selling piece of entertainment of all time. It is currently available for purchase on Xbox 360, and PS3. No details concerning PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions have been shared by Rockstar, despite generous demand from customers.