In the world of Grand Theft Auto, there are a lot of different things that you can do, and that’s what has made the series of games such a success. The most recent incarnation of this series is GTA V, and it has an even larger world than ever before with tons of things to do and three different protagonists. The huge flexibility of the game world and your ability to interact with it has set this game apart from its predecessors, but the ability to gamble in the game world is a huge hot topic right now. We want to show you why that is.

Options for Online Gambling

First and foremost, we need to make one thing clear. With GTA online, any type of gambling that happens in the game will effectively become online gambling. You are able to interact with other players from across the globe and do lots of activities together, and this could include casino games that required no deposit. While no updates have been added that allow players to enjoy different types of gambling in the game just yet, there is plenty of evidence that it will be added in a future update. Our goal here is to share with you that evidence and what it could mean for different in-game betting options.

Vinewood Racetrack and Casino

Vinewood is the key area in GTA V that has the most implications for potential betting options in the future because it’s home to both a horse racing track and a casino. While players cannot currently wager in either of these establishments, and while you can’t even get inside of the casino itself without exploiting a bug in the game, there are aspects of these buildings already programmed inside the game’s code that show that there are probably future plans to allow players to gamble with a game update. The areas themselves are very large and well-designed. However, the casino cannot be entered, and the racetrack is empty except for security guards no matter what time of day or night you enter.

The Card Counting Mystery

Card counting is a method for getting an advantage in real-world blackjack games by keeping up with certain factors that can tell you a lot about the cards left in the shoe that the dealer deals from. While this isn’t cheating in terms of breaking the rules, casinos will ask people to leave for using this technique since it can be used to get an advantage in the games. Trevor is a main character in GTA V, and he can be seen being escorted out of the Vinewood Casino on accusations of card counting in one scene. This means that, in terms of timelines, the casino was open at some point and could very possibly open again in the future.

Getting the Inside Track on Horse Racing

A location that’s been seen in several versions of the Grand Theft Auto series is the Inside Track series of betting shops. These shops are all over the place in many of the games, and they offer chances to get in on the action betting on virtual horse races. While there have never been actual races to watch in the games, that could change with the Vinewood Racetrack in future updates of GTA V. It’s unclear to see what extent they could take things with this type of expansion, but one thing is for sure: No one will be surprised if betting at Inside Track shops becomes common.

GTA V Casino Game Selection

The list of available games for Vinewood Casino or any other GTA V casino is unclear. If you look at previous games in the series, titles like video poker, roulette and blackjack have been available. A wider range of titles like GrizzlyGambling’s free online slots games could become available as well, but it’s hard to say for sure. This particular game has more potential for high-level graphics and sound than previous versions, so that could be used to their advantage if more games are added in. Overall, people are excited to see what games will be added when the Vinewood Casino finally opens.