diablo-iiiOne of the most anticipated games of recent times is Blizzard’s Diablo III, but nobody knows for sure how much we have to wait until it hits the market. It appears that we might be seeing the action RPG released in 2010, as game’s fan site diii translates a Blizzard statement regarding their game release schedule.

According to the publishers, they’re planning to continue releasing one frontline title on a yearly basis, and this year’s game might be Starcraft II – a beta is coming, as we’ve already announced, which means that the game’s development is close to gold status. This could mean that the RTS will be released this year and the next year remains for Diablo III to be released.

There are a few problems, though: this year’s Wrath of The Lich King could be considered a “frontline” title, having in mind the size, price and success this expansion had had since launch (and still has). Which could further mean that the Starcraft II beta will be the only thing we’ll get from Blizzard this year – with the full game coming in 2010. This would further mean that Diablo III won’t see the daylight until 2011, so the “Diablo III will be released in 2010” falls. How will it be, after all? Only time will tell – that if Blizzard don’t start spilling out some beans pretty soon.