And Your Favorite Genre Is…

And Your Favorite Genre Is…

Your favorite genreDuring the past few weeks we had a poll running, asking you to vote for your favorite genre. Today we closed the poll, counted the results and now we’re going to show them to the world – and especially publishers and game developers who plan to create games which are most likely to become popular. Read below for the full results.

So, after recording 62 votes in 8 categories, we can tell you that Unigamesity readers prefer playing role playing games more than anything else: 25% of the Unigamesity gamers have marked the genre as their favorite one. Just three votes below are shooters, with first or third person shooter games grabbing 21% of the votes. Finally, the bronze medal goes for the action-adventure genre, with 19% of your votes. It seems that Lara Croft can still keep it up for us.

At four we have a big tie: point and click adventure games, although considered a dead genre, are still enjoyed by 8% of our beloved readers. The same amount of people prefer real time strategies, which is not bad for a kind of PC-exclusive genre.

Casual games, although selling well and considered the future of gaming by some people, only lay low in your preferences, with just 6% of our readers preferring to play casual titles. Even worse is for sports genre, since just 3 of our voters consider it their favorite one. It’s worth noting that 8 percent of the voters opted for the “other” category.

These being said, thanks for sharing your genre preferences with us! Now you can go to Unigamesity’s home page and cast your vote in the new poll asking your opinion about the game publishers!