wii-fitOnce again, Nintendo’s Wii Fit topped the UK sale charts, becoming the second-longest running Nintendo title at number one in the UK charts. The chart refers to combined number one placement, and the previous second place holder was Pokemon Gold (7 weeks), while the number one is Pokemon Yellow with 10 weeks. Wii Fit now has 4 weeks in a row at number one and a combined of eight weeks as a leader.

The rest of the sales chart for the week ending February 8 looks mostly like the one of the previous week, with the exception of Mystery Case Files:‭ ‬Millionheir‭ who made an impressive debut at number 4. Here are the full standings:

‬1.‭ ‬Wii Fit
‬2.‭ ‬Call of Duty:‭ ‬World at War
‬3.‭ ‬FIFA‭ ‬09‭ ‬Call of Duty:‭ ‬World at War
‬4.‭ ‬Mystery Case Files:‭ ‬Millionheir‭
‬5.‭ ‬Professor Layton and the Curious Village‭
‬6.‭ ‬Mario Kart Wii‭
‬7.‭ ‬Wii Play‭
‬8.‭ ‬Skate‭ ‬2‭
‬9.‭ ‬Mario‭ & ‬Sonic at the Olympic Games‭
‬10.‭ ‬Guitar Hero World Tour‭