In this photo released byDuring a press conference earlier today, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata revealed that they will be designing new health-related platforms for 2016. Wall Street Journal dropped details of the press event, and while there was tonnes of information given, what stands out is this:

“What’s Mr. Iwata going to focus on for the next 10 years? The main theme: enhancing the quality of life through entertainment. The key word is health, Mr. Iwata says. Citing a flood of wearable devices already on the market, he says Nintendo is trying out something completely new: non-wearables to monitor your health.”

If that wasn’t interesting enough, they expanded slightly with this little tidbit:

“For those of you wondering what “non-wearables” for health means, here’s the one clue he’s giving out for today: it’s not necessarily something you will use in the living room. Not sure that clarifies matters much, but we’ll need to wait for the big unveiling later this year.”

It’s a fascinating turn of events to say the least. I am not alone in saying that Nintendo needs to fix the Wii U before worrying about the next technology, but I cannot help feeling intrigued by what they could come up with. Nintendo has primarily been about innovation and risk-taking, so they could be onto something huge. What do you think?