One of the main attractions of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series is the immersive driving system that allows players to drive all types of vehicles most of the game. The GTA 5 is no exception, with greater graphics and a realistic physics system, the game tolerates all kinds of driving, from medium to extreme speed and from safe to chaotic. Crashing is more common than it should, since basically everything can cause an accident in this fictional world. Driving at frenetic speeds while breaking all sorts of rules can be extremely stimulating, however making sure that you can reach your destination without destroying your car or killing yourself is something totally different. The GTA 5 world follows the physical rules of the real world, and as so, most of the obstacles there make a lot of sense, however there are some that are quite dubious. Let’s take a look at the top five car obstacles in GTA 5.

10. Buildings

The most common obstacle for every land vehicle is a building. It takes a little more than just a car to destroy a structure made of steel and cement. It may not destroy but it surely damages and most of the time, I’ve noticed that car crashes against buildings in GTA 5 barely do any damage, which is quite unrealistic.

9. Electricity Towers

In Los Santos, there are many electricity towers around in order to provide enough power to this huge city. They’re clearly made of hard metal and as so, anything that crashes against such platforms will be severely damaged.

8. Large Rocks

Finding large rocks in the city is most likely impossible, however if players travel to the desert area, they’ll be able to encounter many pebbles around and crashing against them won’t do any good to the vehicle.

7. Trees

Even though in the real world, crashing against a tree at high speeds may severely damage or even take down the tree, in GTV 5 that doesn’t happen, in fact the tree’s trunk remains intact as if nothing ever happened.

6. Vehicles

If you’re looking forward to slow down your travelling or even kill yourself, then you surely want to crash against other vehicles. It may not do a lot of damage to your car but it can be really bothersome, especially at low speeds, since both cars will be dancing around, trying to move on.

5. Metallic Benches

Now, this is a curious obstacle, crashing against metallic benches will stun and immobilize your vehicle, no matter the speed or angle that you hit the bench. Another unrealistic case, I would say.

4. Wooden Stakes

Wooden stakes such as electric ones will make your vehicle stop instantly if you decide to hit one and they don’t seem to break ever, it’s some kind of special wood, I suppose.

3. Road Protection Sticks

Some roads and highways have protection sticks around them and even if in real life they can be easily smashed at high velocities, in GTA 5 that doesn’t seem to happen. The unbreakable protection sticks will remain still and forever intact.

2. Certain Tall Fences

I’ve noticed that most fences in GTA 6 can be trespassed, however there are some that make your vehicle stop instead, it should be a glitch but I’m not completely sure. An example of this obstacle is the huge fence door around the beach.

1. Sport Nets

Who would say that beach tennis and volleyball nets could stop your car? It’s real, in GTA 5 they’re the ultimate obstacle for any land vehicle. It’s like the perfect trap, especially if you’re trying to run away from the cops. Don’t get fooled by this innocent looking object, it’s as deadly as a steel building.