fifa09A permanent presence in the European sales charts and a great football simulation as you can see by reading our FIFA 09 review, EA’s game is most of all a game that is being played online, with players trying to prove their skills to the world. However, just as it happens with any game, you might have experienced some issues while playing FIFA 09 online and we might have the answer to each and every problem you have encountered.

Not us, personally, but game’s online engineer Wilson Venhola who took the time to post a lengthy and comprehensive Q&A regarding the online problems in FIFA 09 and how to solve them. He starts by explaining how the ranking system works, and then goes to the most serious problems, including those related to laggy matched.

So, according to Venhola, there are three reasons why your FIFA 09 online play is so laggy: poor quality service with your Internet provider, opponent’s network connection is bad, connection to game server is bad. He also explains all the problems throughly and offers advice on how to fix them. He also explains how some people can cause lag in a game in order to get an advantage over you. For that and much more, check out the guy’s forum thread in the official EA forums.