mass-effect-dlcFollowing the official confirmation of Mass Effect 2 people might be tempted to believe that Bioware’s job with the original Mass Effect is done, but that would be wrong. Before completely changing their focus to the development of the sequel, the developers plan to add some extra content to the already released DLC (and I’m sure nobody will mind).

However, details regarding the incoming downloadable content are scarce (and that’s much to say). The fact is that the only thing we know about it comes via Cinemablend’s chat with Jay Watamaniuk, BioWare community manager who simply said that new Mass Effect DLC is coming “soon”, but he has no idea about the date. However, he estimated that it’s “not six months – like a month or two” until the new content gets released.

However, there is absolutely no confirmation from Microsoft or Bioware whatsoever, so we should still consider it a rumor. However, a brand new downloadable content pack for Mass Effect had been rumored in the past and we do tend to believe that the community manager knows a thing or two about the plans for the future, right?