pokemon-platinum-giratinaPokemon Platinum, the “next big thing” for North American Nintendo DS owners and fans of the Pokemon universe, will offer some goodies to the most faithful – aka those who decide to pre-order the game. Starting on February 15 and being in a very short supply, the Pokemon Platinum pre-orders will also bring you a limited-edition Giratina Origin Forme figurine together with the game!

Scheduled for release in North America this March on the 22nd (but already ravaging the DS handhelds in Japan), Pokemon Platinum is the latest title in the fans-favorite franchise. The new game will deliver new Pokemons, online options and improved elements of the past games.

But the limited edition Giratina Figure is not one to ignore: it is a Pokemon Platinum débutante, and it will be available from select retailers. Not to mention that it will automatically turn you into a serious, hardcore Pokemon fan (which you probably are already), but with an item to prove it this time. If that means anything to you, of course.